Herbert and the Sunshiney-Yellow Candle of Happiness

Herbert liked when the autumn came. Even though it meant the cold winter would soon come, the frozen ground clicking under his hooves. He liked the walking through the bright, fallen leaves and the crunching sound they made as he walked out front of the little house he shared with the Guru.

Herbert even tried to be happy when it rained and those leaves hung sullenly on the trees and in small wet heaps around his ankles. He didn’t like wet weather because he couldn’t run and play and feel the brisk air move through his thick fleece. Herbert simply loved to be outside. He was sad when the weather kept him in and he had to entertain himself away from his meadow friends.

Herbert was just sitting by the window watching the rain fall when an idea struck him…not hard…Herbert never seemed to have ideas that hurt him in any way, but they often got him into trouble! He thought he would light the pretty yellow candle the Guru brought home from one of his excursions far away beyond the meadow in the neighboring forest. Herbert had never been there himself, but he heard from his meadow friends that strange, magical animals lived there.

Herbert found a match and very carefully lit the candle. The flame blazed up and Herbert was afraid for a second. Usually he was not all that gifted with things that make fire, like stoves and such. He was glad to see that the flame that erupted had lessened to a small, glittery glow. The flame mesmerized Herbert and he stared into it for several minutes.

Suddenly, he heard a sound like a song and saw the petite form of a pixie-sprite. Her wings were of the finest gossamer and she wore a beautiful emerald green dress (with sparkles). Her hair was of the richest mahogany-red. Her name was Aria. She danced and sang her way from the candle to all four corners of the room. She spoke to Herbert in a light, melodious voice.

“I am a brightness-sprite. I am here to dispel shadow and bring happiness.”

Herbert wasn’t particularly sad, but just being around Aria, made him feel less sad about the nasty weather. He felt good to be inside with her. She taught him a little dance and then they had tea and the best muffins Herbert had ever tasted.

When the flame began to die, Aria thanked Herbert for the company and disappeared back into the candle…. She would return any time Herbert needed her. All he had to do was light the sunshiney-yellow candle.

Some people and fairies have a way of brightening up a room just by being there.